It’s our specialty products to replace fiberglass mat which are widely used in foreign countries now. Our products are made of fiberglass mesh and non-woven which can make up fiberglass mat’s deficiencies in resist tensile strength and tear strength.

As a raw material used in producing APP modified bitumen membranes, SBS modified bitumen membranes, Self adhesive membranes, Polymer modified bitumen membranes, Oxidized bitumen membranes.

Outstanding features
1.Increasing the waterproofing membranes’ ability to resist the tensile strength and tear strength.
2.Protecting and extending the life of waterproofing membranes.
3.The cost is cheaper compare to use fiberglass mat or polyester mat
4.Application friendly
Model: JZH-01-95
Model: JZH-S-120
Model: JZH-04-100
Model: JZH-I-100
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