Reinforced polyester mat


This is the very product with the highest quality and technology until now. It is the premium product in my company which uses fiberglass mesh and polyester mat as raw materials and combines with the famous JZH process technology. Our reinforced polyester mat not only has a higher tensile strength, tear resistance, But also has a longer life and higher heat resistance.

As a raw material used in producing APP modified bitumen membranes, SBS modified bitumen membranes, Self adhesive membranes. Especially used in ultra-thin products self adhesive membranes in order to make up its deficiencies in resist tensile strength and tear strength..

Outstanding features
1. high heat resistance and stability
2. Increasing the waterproofing membranes’ ability to resist the tensile strength and tear strength.
3. Protecting and extending the life of waterproofing membranes.
4. The cost is cheaper compare to use fiberglass mat or polyester mat
5. Application friendly

Model: JZH-PYK-SEC-180
Model: JZH-PYK-04EC-160
Model: JZH-PYK-I-90
Model: JZH-PYK-EEC-260
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